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Writing a will is something that many people are always hesitant to do. The reason is that when people do that they are acknowledging that their demise is soon coming. However creating a will is the best gift you can give to those whom you like after you are gone. When you leave an intention behind you are sure that your family is not left struggling and wrangling with the things you accumulated when you were strong. Writing a will is merely putting what you would say if  you were there that time on paper. Other than leaving your people to kill each other because of your property it is better to tell them what to do while you can still do it.


The will is a legal document in which you write everything you want about your estate and appoint the manager that is the executor of your estate. You also use the will to indicate the person you want to be the guardian of your children if they are minor in case you are not there. In the will, you are also supposed to state the people who are supposed to benefit from anything from your property which is known as the beneficiaries,


You should write you will separate from your spouse if you wish to have a good will. There are valid reasons why it should be that way. No one says that you will die at the same time. Secondly there may be properties that are not ownwed jointly . You must make sure that there is a witness to your will. The person who is your witness must not be a beneficiary. A valid will be consistent with the state laws so that you know whether they want the will notarized. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTT0lSNiWSc about will.


You may need to have a lot of money to make a decree that will be considered valid. The idea is that you can write your will without paying a lawyer to write one for you. All what you need to know is what your state requires when it comes to writing a will. Writing your will is an assurance that all that you want is included in the will. Just click here to learn more!


There are will writing tools offered online at www.silverliningep.co.uk/write-a-will/ that can help you when you are writing yours. When you are drafting your will you only need to make sure that it meets the state requirements and it will not matter the person who prepared it. The good thing about working with an experienced lawyer is that you will get some advice especially about estate planning. There other things you need to think about like where to store your will. You need to store in an accessible place but safe. You also need to keep a copy with your lawyer in case the original is destroyed. An authorized signatory can access your bank safe when you are not there.